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International Travel doing what one loves.

One of the things Coach Andrew enjoys about his job is being able to travel to different parts of the world. This past summer, like he's been doing for the past three summers, he traveled to Spain for two weeks.

Here is what Coach Andrew had to say:

"The cities were along the coast. The south of Spain was absolutely beautiful. The basketball camps I attended this year were in Huelva which is close to Sevilla and in Vinaros which is by Barcelona. The food was outrageous. Everything tastes fresh. Huelva had some pretty good talent. There were about 100 athletes so it was a busy week. In Vinaros the talent wasn't as strong but the athletes were extremely hard working and everyone seemed to enjoy being there. Because many of the athletes were returning clients from the previous year, we were able to do more advanced basketball drills and skills training. The main focus was on ball handling and individual skill set because that's not a big concentration over in Spain. They're very much into team training so sometimes the individual skills of a basketball player is not developed as well as it should be. The coaches were hungry to learn and become more knowledgable in the skills training industry. I am looking forward to returning next year. I also want to say a very special thank you to Coach Richi and Lidia for bringing me out to Spain and setting up the camps, allowing me to have these opportunities, and allowing the camps to grow. Their friendship is extremely important to me and means a lot."

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