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Through the Hoop School players will have access to year-round training from some of the most well known trainers in the country, where they will be brought through our innovative basketball training curriculum.


It is through this curriculum that players will not only see success on the court with us, but they will also be taught concepts that will help them train on their own!

Miami Hoop School workouts are designed to give players the necessary tools for them to find their personal strengths. We do not put players in positions, we build complete players through detail oriented skill breakdown workouts.

Our program is designed so that players feel as if they are training alone in the gym with one of our trainers. Our approach is through innovative, mistake-driven training. It is through this approach that we are able to challenge and improve a player's skill set, and ultimately improve their confidence on the floor during competition!


No matter their age or skill level, each player will be challenged in a way that will help them reach their maximum potential as a basketball player! 

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