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Andrew Moran conducts training around the globe, as well as throughout the entire South Florida area. He and his excellent team of trainers, including Jorge Milo, are available for private, small group & team training. 


Please note, pricing may vary depending on location. Pricing is also different for professional, NBA clients, or international athletes and players. 

  • one on one training: $125/session (1 hour)

  • Multiple-Trainings Package (5 sessions): $500 (Savings of $125)(1 hour)

Small- Group Sessions (no more than 6 athletes in a small group):

Please note that small group sessions during the week must be arranged by the clients except on our designated small group days (usually Saturdays) where we will send out a text message the day before and it's first come first serve to fill up the spots for the small groups.

  • Group of two- $65/athlete (1 hour)

  • Group of three- $60/athlete (1 hour)

  • Group of Four-$50/athlete

  • Group of Five or Six- $45/athlete (1 hour)

Team Training:

  • $200/team (1.5 hours)

Kendall Warehouse

12220 SW 130th Street

Miami, FL 33186

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