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Basketball Camp is in session...

The summer has begun and that means Miami Hoop School basketball camp season has also started. The summer is definitely our busiest season. I realized that I should probably introduce myself before I write any more blogs. I'm Angela (Minervino) Moran, aka Coach Andrew's wife. I'm the person you hardly ever see except during the summer or big events. I'm the person doing all the background stuff. I handle all academy and training center registration as well as camp registration, I handle all billing and all finances, all email communication (which we get about 50 emails a day), our texting service, I do the front-end of the website, our amazing guy Beau Santiago does our back-end, amongst other things, I do all the accounting using quickbooks, I also do all our marketing using different platforms, and I'm now currently doing our blog. Not to mention, we also have three kids under five years old and I also started an e-commerce store I'm running selling STEM toys. I worked in education for 10 years (as an English teacher for five years and as a school counselor for the other five) and have recently retired from the education world as my other responsibilities have taken all of my time and I wasn't able to handle 1.2 million things. Okay so enough about me...

This week's elite skills basketball training camp has been a huge success. We had over 65 athletes enroll and we had to unfortunately turn people away as to not take away from the quality of the instruction. So one of the things with this business is you can't split yourself into two people. So during the summer is when a lot of people, especially NBA, professional players, and elite level players want to get better and want private training. It's also when we get a lot of international players and teams wanting to train. So the first part of the day of our basketball camp is basketball training, basketball drills, basketball moves away from the basket, basketball moves towards the basket, basketball shooting drills, basketball dribbling drills, basketball team drills, and a lot of repetition; then there's lunch at noon, and then after lunch, they play situational games and regular games. This week on the schedule, after Coach Andrew leaves camp, he goes straight to train private clients, including Tim Hardaway Jr. who plays for the Atlanta Hawks, James Johnson who plays for the Miami Heat, Tyler Johnson who plays for the Miami Heat, and Logan Johnson, an elite high school player. Coach Andrew really enjoys training them because they work extremely hard and are always wanting to improve their game and take it to the next level. Miami Hoop School also has a great team. We only work with the best like Coach Jorge, and Coach Delagrana. who want to see all the players succeed. Then in the latter part of the day we have our year-round training academy which is excellent. Then it's eat and sleep and he does it all over again the following day. Catch you next week. Thanks for being a part of the Miami Hoop School Family!

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