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  • Angela Moran

Basketball Camp season is coming to an end...

It feels like we prepare all year for these short months of summer and then it ends so fast. Andrew just got back from Spain where he visited different cities there running basketball camps. While he was gone, Miami Hoop School was in full force and the Miami Hoop School team worked very hard. Our basketball academy runs all year round. In the summer is also when people want the most private lessons. It's also the time where we are running basketball camps and when people from other countries are visiting Miami, Florida and wanting to train with Miami Hoop School. The summer is definitely the busiest time of the year and we are grateful for that. We are actually looking to hire someone to help us manage some of the business side of things as the amount of calls, texts, DMs, and emails we receive in a day is extremely overwhelming. Always a good problem to have but we are thinking it's time to admit we need help. Here are some pictures from the camp we just did at Palmetto Senior High School in Pinecrest. It's pretty amazing. We sold out 3 out of 4 weeks of basketball camp we have had so far. Definitely a testament to how hard we work and that our product works. By the way, we are now selling our dry-fit shirts if you'd like one. I will talk about Coach Andrew's time in Spain in a different blog post. Until next time...


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