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  • Angela Moran

What has Miami Hoop School been up to?


Once the summer ended, things slowed down a bit. However, this is the time where we actually get to sit down and brainstorm about our vision and what we want for this program and for the future of Miami Hoop School. As most of you know, Coach Jorge had appendicitis and a normal procedure turned into an infection that landed him back in the hospital. He was sent home to rest and again another infection occurred and had to get re-admitted to the hospital. He's since then healed and we are so grateful for that.

Not soon after, South Florida was hit with a category 2 forced winds storm from Hurricane Irma. Although we did not experience the full hurricane and only got its bands which we are so thankful did cause disruption in our day to day lives. Buildings and homes did not have power, cell phone reception, internet, a lot of down trees, blocked roads, etc. Thankfully, our Kendall warehouse only lost power for a couple of days so we were still able to train. Our Doral location was not as fortunate but still grateful that it could have been a lot worse.

The 1st Annual Ballers Battle Adults tournament was a success and we are looking forward to the 1st Annual Ballers Youth 3 on 3 Tournament coming up Oct. 29th!! Learn more.

Coach Andrew also had the opportunity to train some NBA players like Shane Larkin and Beno Udrih and meet with some Miami Heat staff this past month.

And in special news: Coach Andrew and Miami Hoop School was mentioned in a Miami Herald article about the Miami Heat players and what they did this summer. James Johnson mentioned training with Coach Andrew and the Miami Hoop School this past summer which was an awesome shout out and always appreciated.

Click here to read full Miami Herald article:

In other news: We have some awesome things coming soon and different projects coming up that we are excited to share, just not yet.

We have been receiving many requests to set up a schedule to use our Shooting Machine so we will be launching a schedule soon. If you want to receive updates on our Shooting Machine Schedule, make sure to subscribe to our website.

As always, make sure you're training with us and getting ready for the season.

We will continue to pray for the victims of Hurricane Harvey (Texas), Hurricane Maria (Puerto Rico), Earthquake in Mexico, and now the atrocity of what happened in Las Vegas with all of those innocent lives lost. If you can, please consider giving to those in need to a trusted organization.

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