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  • Angela Moran

Miami Impact Travel teams

We are proud to announce that Miami Hoop School is affiliated with the Miami Impact travel team program. Right now we have a 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade boys travel team. We have also joined with AB Hoops and they are doing the girls travel teams. We hosted tryouts the week of November 18th and we were able to form 4 teams.

We have practice twice a week and So far we have attended a few tournaments and played in games.

Our 7th grade team has made it to the championship twice and has won once. It's great to see the players that Coach Andrew Moran or any of our Miami Hoop School trainers work with and see them play and being able to see their strengths and weaknesses to be able to work with them on their weaknesses and improve their strengths. Like everything, it takes time to develop a program. This is our first year taking on the travel ball world and there's definitely a learning curve. There will always be ups and downs in Travel Ball. It's part of the process.

We are proud of being able to bring kids together who work very hard to accomplish great things and who we are trying to instill values of character development, integrity, working hard, discipline, mental toughness, and a sense of unity.

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