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  • Angela Moran

International Miami Hoop School

Coach Mariano from Argentina came to Miami to train, to learn, and to coach. Coach Andrew Moran and Coach Mariano became good friends over the years because Coach Andrew has been to Argentina a handful of times to participate in their camps and to run the training portion of the camp. Coach Mariano is the best trainer in Argentina so it's nice for them to feed off of each other. Mariano worked with players in Miami Hoop School and was also able to get some film.

Around this time, Coach DJ Sackmann came down as well with his program from Israel and they were also able to train with Miami Hoop School. We treated them to a University of Miami basketball game as well as a Miami Heat Game with the help of some good friends of ours. They were able to go on the court and shoot free throws after the game which is an incredible experience for kids who would otherwise never be able to have that.

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