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  • Angela Moran

Winter Intensive Prep Skills Camp Recap

WOW! That's all I can say regarding what went down at this very exclusive basketball prep skills camp. We only allowed 15 athletes to attend and there was a reason for that. We wanted to keep the workout very personal and make sure that our coaches, Andrew Moran and Jorge Milo, were able to focus on each athlete and challenge them to their inner core. Coach Andrew Moran and Jorge Milo trained these athletes with the most potent equipment such as the VertiMax and the shooting machine that we have which is called "Shoot-A-Way" ( Stephen Curry, who's a top NBA player, uses this same machine to improve his shooting percentage and enhance his shooting skills. The VertiMax is the most effective vertical jump training system because it's able to maximize both explosive leg power and arm swing velocity to maximize the vertical lift component leading to superior vertical jump performance gains. These players were working tremendously hard to get closer and closer to their individual goals. If you missed it, try not to miss the next one, which is Summer 2018!

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