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  • Veronica Minervino

Travelling, Travelling, & More Travelling!

During the month of February, we had a special guest come all the way from Argentina. Mariano Sanchez, an intense basketball trainer who does camps all over South America, came to Miami to learn from Coach Andrew and help train in his camps. Coach Andrew and Coach Mariano traveled to Dallas, Texas to train alongside trainers Tyler Relph and DJ Sackmann. Sackmann and Relph, like Coach Andrew, are basketball skill develop trainers who work with all ages including NBA players. In Dallas the coaches trained many kids and had an amazing time teaching kids countless basketball drills that they could now do on their own. They worked on many ball handling drills and shooting drills to improve their overall skills.

However, the travelling did not stop there. About a week after Dallas, Coach Andrew and Coach Mariano traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada. They went to workout with NBA players Marcus and Markeef Morris during the All-star break. The coaches had a great time as they helped improve the game of the various kids and NBA players.

Next stop, Panama! The coaches will be heading to Panama from Tuesday to Saturday for basketball camps. Basketball Never Stops!

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