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  • Veronica Minervino

Panama: More than a dream, more than a canal. Panama is here to play!

This past weekend, Coach Andrew, Coach Jorge, and our videographer, Jordi, packed up their bags and headed to Panama! Our Coaches trained over 60 kids who were hungry and eager to learn more about the game.

Panama is no surprise for Coach Andrew and Coach Jorge. This is the second time the two of them go together and the third time for Coach Andrew. We are very thankful for Panama's staff and team who sponsor the trip.

Coach Andrew and Coach Jorge worked on many different aspects of the game, such as transition finishes at the basket, pocket dribbles, and various spin moves. They truly enjoyed their time there and love to teach the game around the world. Miami Hoop School is thankful for these types of opportunities and we're looking forward for more to come!

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