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Miami Hoop School

We are now renting out our shooting machine if you want to work on your shot without a trainer. $35/30 minutes or $65/hour. 

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Miami Hoop School is the premiere elite basketball training academy and basketball skills camp in South Florida; the global authority on basketball skill development. Miami Hoop School seeks students looking for a serious basketball academy or camp to improve their skills. Founded in 2012 by Andrew Moran, Miami Hoop School has grown to become the authority on basketball elite skill development and certification in South Florida.

About Andrew on home page

Andrew Moran is an NBA Skills Coach, an I'm Possible National Innovator, an International clinician, and the Miami Hoop School Founder. Andrew is the first I’m Possible trainer to be introduced to the State of Florida. Andrew has been training since 2008. Andrew also has experience in coaching. He was an assistant coach at Miami Senior High School in 2011 and worked on player development.  He also was the head coach at Miami Christian High School and led the Victors to a state championship in 2015. His experience serves him well, having worked with players at the NBA, international, collegiate, and high school levels.

Andrew travels around the Globe training athletes of all levels and because he is fluent in Spanish he has been granted many opportunities to train in places like Argentina, many different cities in Spain (Canary Islands, Huelva, Vinaros, Barcelona, Tenerife, Las Palmas) and Puerto Rico to name a few. Andrew’s attention to detail allows every player to excel. His enthusiasm for basketball exudes on the court and his students emulate his passion during their training sessions. Andrew is constantly studying the game and perfecting his craft, so he can offer the latest and best training techniques to his students.

Andrew is well liked and encourages his protégés to work outside their comfort zones. His workouts are fun yet challenging, and his high expectations match those of his players. Andrew has been featured and interviewed by newspapers, radio stations, podcasts, and broadcasts. 

Miami Hoop School


Through the Hoop School players will have access to year-round training from some of the most well known trainers in the country, where they will be brought through I'm Possible Training's world-renowned innovative basketball training curriculum.


It is through this curriculum that players will not only see success on the court with us, but they will also be taught concepts that will help them train on their own!

Miami Hoop School workouts are designed to give players the necessary tools for them to find their personal strengths. We do not put players in positions, we build complete players through detail oriented skill breakdown workouts.

Our program is designed so that players feel as if they are training alone in the gym with one of our trainers. Our approach is through innovative, mistake-driven training. It is through this approach that we are able to challenge and improve a player's skill set, and ultimately improve their confidence on the floor during competition!


No matter their age or skill level, each player will be challenged in a way that will help them reach their maximum potential as a basketball player! 

As a parent of a child who has worked with many basketball trainers over the past 6 years, I can confidently say that Andrew Moran has had the greatest impact on my son Luke Pennie. We have worked with other individuals in the market and they all bring some value, but Andrew has raised Luke's level of play in all facets of the game.As Luke’s skill sets advance, so does Andrew’s instruction. Andrew continues to challenge Luke with advanced skills, but has also begun to work with Luke on the mental part of the game which at the higher levels of play can be more important than the physical. I consider myself very lucky to have a resource like Andrew in South Florida.  I looked forward to working with Andrew as Luke advances in his basketball career and I cannot wait to train at the new “Hoop School” facility in Three Lakes, a one of a kind facility in South Florida.



  • $95/ month -once a week

  • $130/Month at one location up to 2-3 times a week

  • $165/month access to All locations

  • On-going month-to-month Contracts - Drop Anytime! (must send e-mail)

  • yearly $35 anniversary fee 

  • Autopay and easy to use Registration System with parent portal access 

  • $4.99 Service Charge for credit card payments which is included in tuition

  • Sibling Discounts (10% off 1st sibling, 25% off 2nd Sibling, and subsequent children.)


  • Academy runs all year long

  • Attend Multiple Sessions Each Week

  • Fit Sessions into Your Schedule

  • Professionally Certified Trainers

  • I'm Possible Training's World-Renowned Training Curriculum

  • Learn How to Train On Your Own






Visit any of our locations



Kendall Warehouse

12220 SW 130th Street

Miami, FL 33186



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